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Celebration of Commitment
Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Vow Renewals
Your wedding or civil partnership day should be a day to remember, to cherish for years to come. It is important to make it Your Day, not conforming to the expectations of others.
Did you know that you do not need to hold your wedding ceremony in a church or licensed venue? If you are choosing to be legally married, the only obligation is to register the marriage at the register office, in the same way you would register a birth or a death, and this can take place any time before the ceremony itself. Once the paperwork has been done, you are free to create the wedding ceremony you really want! It could take place in a forest, up a mountain or in your back garden! Why not use your imagination to create a unique ceremony that you, your family and your friends will always remember?

Credit: Golden Fleece Photography

I will work with you to create a Wedding / Civil Partnership / Vow Renewal that is completely bespoke and that reflects you and your partner's personalities, values, hobbies and lifestyle.

I am passionate about couples having informed choice and creating a ceremony that doesn't conform to anybody else's expectations but your own. 

Your ceremony does not have to take place in a 'wedding venue'. Do you like nature? Are you interested in the environment? Why not consider an outdoor ceremony with elements of your choice that I can adapt to make more personal to you?

Would you like to involve family members or friends in your ceremony? (Many of the elements I offer can be adapted to include as many people as you'd like!)

Would you like a spiritual element to your ceremony?

Would you like to include elements from your / your partner's or your family's religion or culture? 

Whatever your ideas and dreams for your special day, I will work with you to create a ceremony that is completely personal to you as a couple.

Special elements you may choose to include in your unique ceremony can include

  • Handfasting 

  • Unity Sand Ceremony

  • Unity Candle

  • Wine Ceremony

  • Soul Plan

  • Broom Jumping

and many others! 


I offer 2 Wedding Packages - the Rose package and the Amethyst package.


Contact me if you are interested in finding out more about creating a day you can treasure!


Credit: Golden Fleece Photography

Something different....

The run up to a wedding or other ceremony can be stressful!

I offer reduced price Reiki treatments for brides, grooms and bridal parties that I am working with.

Please message me for more details.


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