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Celebration of Life

Funerals, Memorials

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There are two parts to a funeral: the burial or cremation* and the service or ceremony. Traditionally the two have taken place together, but there is no requirement for this.

For example, a Direct Funeral involves a discreet, unattended burial or cremation, followed by a memorial service/ interment or scattering of ashes at a later date.

*There are other end of life choices that are less well known and it is important to make an informed choice. For the environmentally conscious, a Natural Burial may be the preferred option. Soon to be available, Resomation, or Water Cremation, is also a more environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremation.


Whether you choose to hold a traditional funeral or a more bespoke event, I will work with you to create a personalised ceremony that truly reflects the life and character of your loved one.


Pet Funerals

A pet is very much a part of a family so why not celebrate their life with a unique ceremony?

Contact me for more details.

Cat and Dog

Soul Plan

Read about how a Soul Plan reading enables me to gain a deeper insight into the character and personality of your loved one.

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