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Resomation – a gentler, greener end of life choice

Yesterday I visited the Resomation facility in Pudsey, Yorkshire and I am delighted to share what I learned about this exciting new end of life alternative for those of us who care about the environment.

Those of you who know me, or follow me on social media, know that I am an advocate for Natural Burial, because traditional burial or cremation both have dramatic and damaging effects on the environment, so I am excited by the prospect of another ‘green’ end of life option.

Resomation Ltd have combined global engineering expertise and a deep understanding of the funeral industry to offer Water Cremation as a new alternative to flame cremation. Using a water-based alkali solution, Water Cremation imitates the same process a body goes through naturally when it is buried, but in a fraction of the time. The body is returned to its constituent elements, leaving only the bones which are then reduced to ‘ash’ to be passed back to the family. The ‘waste’ liquid is assessed and treated before being returned to the water system. There are no harmful emissions like there are with flame cremation and the resultant ‘ash’ is pure bone (and therefore much whiter than the remains from flame cremation).

Prior to the Water Cremation process, the body is wrapped in a woollen (or other natural fibre, eg. silk) shroud with a biodegradable liner. Families wishing for a more ‘traditional looking’ ceremony can opt for a (re-usable) coffin ‘cover’ for the ceremony itself, which gives the appearance of a wooden coffin.

The funeral ceremony would essentially be the same as for flame cremation, the difference being that the coffin cover would be removed before entering the Resomator.

To the observer, therefore, the process doesn’t appear any different to a flame cremation. However, the difference in environmental impact is huge.

As we become more conscious in life about reducing our impact on the environment, why not look to a gentler, greener option in death?

Water Cremation isn’t yet available in the UK (but should be very soon). It has been available in the US and Canada since 2011, rapidly growing in popularity, and other European countries are also currently looking to introduce it.

To find out more about Water Cremation, visit the Resomation website at

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