Grief Counselling

As a qualified Holistic Counsellor I am able to offer grief counselling alongside my work as a celebrant. 

Holistic counselling is a little different to 'normal' counselling in that it addresses the core issues that can sometimes be on a subconscious level. During counselling sessions I may use a range of healing therapies, including hypnotherapy, Reiki, Soul Transformation Therapy to help with the healing process. Or we may just talk. I am a great listener.


Soul Plan

A Soul Plan is like a blueprint of a person's life. When I am planning a funeral for a loved one, as well as an extensive conversation with the family, connecting with that person's Soul Plan offers me a greater insight into their personality and their values, making for a more personalised ceremony.


During counselling I will talk to you about your loved one's Soul Plan as this can help to understand why they went through particular challenges, and will reinforce the talents and goals they had. It may also help to look at your Soul Plan energies to help find a way forward.


To find out more about Soul Plan or Holistic Counselling visit my Pathfinder Holistic Healing website and my Blog page.

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