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How a Soul Plan reading can help you come to terms with the loss of a loved one

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Claire's compassion and understanding on a spiritual level helped me enormously in working through the physical loss of my Mum and finding joy and peace, knowing that her energy continues - which is a wonderful gift.

Last week I was privileged to offer a lovely lady a Soul Plan reading for her Mother who had died recently and whose funeral I led the week before.

This is one of the benefits of having two (seemingly) unique businesses that I love – the skills or tools that are transferable between the two and being able to bring something a little bit different to a service that might otherwise appear similar to that offered by many others.

When I am asked to lead a funeral (Celebration of Life) for someone who has died, looking at their Soul Plan offers me an insight into the path they chose and enables me to connect more deeply, helping me to create a more personal and meaningful ceremony for them.

I don’t usually share with the family that I am doing this - unless I feel they would be particularly interested, or, as has happened a couple of times, they have looked at my website and ask me about it directly – it is just a tool I can tap into to make the job I do that bit more special.

After the ceremony I might share that I can offer a Soul Plan reading for their loved one, or I might just trust that, if that’s something they would be interested in, they will find the information on my website.

The benefits to looking at the Soul Plan of someone who has died are many – as mentioned in the above testimonial, it can help those with an interest in spirituality to have a greater understanding of their loved one’s chosen path – for example, the challenges they chose to work through, or the lessons they wanted to learn, or indeed to teach others.

Even for those with no particular interest in things spiritual, investigating their loved one’s Soul Plan can help them to come to terms with their loss and to remember everything that was unique and special about them.

For more information on Soul Plan, visit or, if you have any questions, please message me.

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