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Add one or more of these unique wedding elements to create your bespoke ceremony!

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Unity Sand Ceremony

Each person involved in the ceremony has a bottle of coloured sand. In turn they add their sand to a larger bottle, creating a beautiful layered pattern. Sometimes the ceremony just involves the bride and groom, the sand symbolising their union.

If there are children they can add further colours, or whole families can add many colours of sand together to symbolise the joining of the two families.

Unity Candle Ceremony

This ritual has long been used in Catholic weddings, but as a traditional ceremony option it also holds a universal meaning. It symbolises the joining of a couple in marriage as well as the joining of their two original families.

The ceremony can be adapted in a number of ways - for example, the couples' families can light the candles of the couple who then light the Unity Candle together, or the couple can light their candles from the Unity Candle then light the families' candles.

Wine Ceremony

In the wine ceremony the couple pour two different drinks into a glass which they then drink from - often red and white wines are blended to create a blush.

Alternatively, other drinks could be used, for example Gin and Tonic or coloured water.

Soul Plan

Couples can choose to add a Soul Plan Relationship Reading to their wedding/ civil partnership or vow renewal ceremony. The reading looks at the relationship between the energies in the Soul Plans of both people, which not only helps the couple gain a deeper understanding of each other, it also adds a completely unique element to the ceremony!


The origin of “tying the knot”. A Celtic / Pagan tradition that is becoming increasingly popular.

The couple’s hands are tied with ribbons or cloth in the shape of the infinity symbol to symbolise the bringing together of the two hearts in a union of strength and unity forever.

Broom Jumping

The broom jumping ceremony is based upon tradition which symbolises the clearing away of negativity with a sweep of the broom and creating a threshold for the couple to cross over into their new life together.

Wine Box / Love Letter

The couple write love letters to each other before the wedding which they seal in an envelope. They choose their favourite bottle of wine or drink of choice and place these and any other memorabilia in the wine box.

During the wedding ceremony they seal the box and vow not to open it until an anniversary of their choice, reminding them of why they fell in love and chose to be together.

Ring Warming

In the ring warming ceremony the couple’s wedding rings are passed amongst the attending guests in a pouch or other container. Guests are invited to pass on a thought or good wishes to the couple as the rings pass through their hands.

Oathing Stone

An old Celtic tradition, similar to the Ring Warming. Guests offer blessings to the couple while holding the ‘oathing stone’ which can be decorated by the couple/family.

The couple then hold the stone as they make their vows, symbolising the permanency of their commitment.

Wishing Tree / Jar

Each guest writes a thought or message to the couple on a label / tag. This is then hung on a stylised tree or placed in a jar as a memento of the day.

Tree Planting

Couples plant a tree, each adding their own pot of soil, then watering with their own watering can or sharing a watering can. The tree, which needs nurturing, symbolises the growth of the relationship.

A great element to add to a woodland wedding!

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