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How I manage two concurrent businesses - a holistic, person-centred approach

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

You may or may not be aware that, as well as my Celebrant business, I also work as a counsellor & healer at Pathfinder Holistic Healing.

Although they might appear quite different on the surface, there are actually a lot of elements that overlap and many skills that are relevant across both businesses.

Pathfinder Holistic Healing offers a holistic approach to counselling & healing, using healing techniques designed to heal the root cause of an issue, which is often on a subconscious level. Through energy work, a client is enabled to clear physical, emotional, mental & spiritual blockages and reconnect with their true, authentic self.

A Soul Plan reading, used as part of a block of counselling work or as a unique therapy, helps a client to make sense of challenges they have been through and to realign with their chosen journey. In becoming more true to themselves and learning that absolutely essential emotion, self-love, a client gains in self-belief and is more able to move forward with confidence.

Soul Plan chart

My celebrancy work is also completely person-centred. In working with a couple or a family to create a special Family event, such as a wedding, civil partnership, vow renewal, naming ceremony, the wishes of the client are at the centre of what I do. My aim is for the ‘Big Day’ to be the celebration they had visualised, with bespoke elements of their choice (handfasting, unity ceremonies, naming ribbon etc), to create a very personalised event they can cherish!

One of the elements clients can choose to add to a Family ceremony, that is totally unique to my celebrant work, is a Soul Plan Relationship reading. A Relationship reading gives two people an insight into the energies that come together to make them the person they are and how their energies relate to those of their partner. It enables a deeper understanding of each other and can be very healing.

Soul Plan mandala

In preparing a Naming Ceremony I would investigate the Soul Plan of the baby or child (or adult) being welcomed into the family and use the understanding I gain from that to help me write the ceremony and give the family an insight into the talents and goals that person might have!

As a Reiki practitioner, I can also offer brides, grooms, or indeed bridal parties, a way to de-stress as the Big Day gets closer! I have special offers on for couples I am working with (and their families), to have a bit of time out from what is always a busy and stressful time, to reconnect with themselves and release any tension and stress. For more details of how a Reiki treatment enables self-healing and reduces stress, see the Energy Healing page on my PHH website.

Perhaps the area I am most drawn to at the moment is helping families through the death of a loved one. As a Funeral Celebrant, I offer a more holistic approach, visiting the family as soon as possible after the death of their loved one (usually at the request of the Funeral Director). I then work with the family to create a ceremony that will be a Celebration of Life. For me, it is essential that I make this as personal as possible, with stories and anecdotes of the life of the person who has died, their achievements, their struggles, their likes and dislikes.

Investigating their Soul Plan gives me that extra insight into a person I usually haven’t known personally and helps me to make the ceremony more authentic. The skills I have as a counsellor allow me to approach the family in a professional but empathetic way and to really listen to what they are saying. Following the ceremony, I return to the family with a copy of the ceremony and, if they choose, a copy of their loved one's Soul Plan.

Although I would never push my own views on a family (or even mention them most of the time), the understanding I have, through my spiritual and healing work, of ‘Life’ and ‘Death’, enables me to be more supportive at what is understandably a very difficult time for my clients. For this reason I have chosen to also train as an End of Life Doula (Autumn 2019) which will enable me to become involved with families before their loved one passes.

I feel completely privileged to be welcomed into families at a life event that is special for them – whether that is to celebrate the life of someone who has died, or to welcome a new member of the family, or to celebrate the joining together of two people and their families.

I feel equally privileged to be able to work with individual clients who are struggling or in need of direction and to see the healing and growth they experience!

To find out more about the work I do, please visit my two websites, & . You’ll find links there to my Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Please contact me with any questions or for more information.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,

Claire xx

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