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How you can still create the wedding of your dreams after the CoronaVirus restrictions are lifted

Updated: May 12, 2020

During this unprecedented time, many couples have had to rethink or postpone their wedding plans. If you had planned to have a ceremony at a venue, you may be faced with choosing between re-booking the same venue on a week day when they have the space (because of course, other couples will already have booked their own slots for next year and beyond), or trying to find an alternative venue that can accommodate you on your chosen date, or even postponing for a year or two to get a day or date that works for you and your guests!

It sounds like a nightmare.... but it could be the perfect time to think about creating a completely bespoke ceremony that's personal to you.

Your wedding or civil partnership day should be a day to remember, to cherish for years to come. It is important to make it Your day, not conforming to the expectations of others. Your wedding ceremony does not have to be in a church or in a licensed venue with a registrar.

If you want to be legally married, the paperwork does have to be done at the register office (but check out your local office, often a Monday morning is less expensive). Once that is done, the ceremony itself can take place wherever you want and can include whatever you want!

If you can't find a venue for your chosen date, have you considered alternatives? Could you hire a hall somewhere? Do you have any friends with a large enough room in their house to accommodate all your guests? Or what about holding your ceremony outdoors? An outdoor wedding ceremony could take place in a wood, on top of a hill or even in your own garden.

You might even be able to hold your ceremony before restrictions are fully lifted as social distancing would be easier outdoors (and could even become a part of the fun!) . The ceremony could even be streamed so those guests unable to attend can still 'take part'.

A celebrant will work with you to create a completely unique ceremony. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can choose bespoke elements such as Ring warming, Handfasting and Unity ceremonies to make your wedding celebration a day to remember!

For more information on Wedding Elements see my other blogs. Please contact me to book a free consultation or if you'd like any further information.

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